6 Reasons Why Your Next iPad Should Be Cellular

Looking to purchase a new iPad? Here are all the explanations for why we believe a cellular iPad is pricey extra.

The iPads produced by Apple have significantly matured in recent years. A cellular iPad combines the computing capabilities of a laptop with the connection of a smartphone in a remarkably portable device.

They are much more than Netflix devices. But whether you use your iPad for leisure or work, picking a cellular model enables you to transform your tablet into a mobile workhorse.

Here are our top six arguments for choosing a cellular iPad over a Wi-Fi model since it can be difficult to decide between the two.

1. You Have Plenty of Options

There is no lack of options when purchasing an iPad for a mobile device. There is a cellular variant of every iPad model. Even better, you may access the full speed of the 5G network on all iPad models in Apple’s portfolio, with the exception of the iPad (9th generation).

But bear in mind that cellular iPads charge more for their extra features. The price of iPads with cellular service is higher. Depending on the model you choose, you will need to spend an additional $130 to $200 if you want a cellular iPad.

For example, if you’re choosing between a cellular and a Wi-Fi-only iPad Air, you’ll need to shell out another $150 for the cellular model. But if you’re stepping up to the cellular iPad Pro, it’s another $200 on top of the base price. On top of that, you need to pay for a cellular contract to actually make use of that functionality.

Nevertheless, the benefits of cellular iPads don’t have to be behind the barrier of added expense. If you’re on a budget, older cellular iPads like the iPad mini (5th generation) can get you on the 4G network at the same price as the latest Wi-Fi-only models.

2. Hotspot Isn’t Always Your Best Option

If Wi-Fi isn’t available, you can always get your iPad online by connecting to your phone’s hotspot. The hotspot feature, AKA tethering, is when you use your phone’s mobile data to connect another device to the internet. This is a great way to get your Wi-Fi-only iPad online in a pinch, but it’s not always a great long-term solution, one that a cellular iPad can offer.

While most carriers offer unlimited data plans for phones, when it comes to tethering other devices, they’re not always so generous. Almost no carriers offer unlimited hotspot data to stop people from using their phone’s mobile data as their home internet connection. Plus, mobile hotspots aren’t always your best option in terms of data speeds either.

Although 5G on phones can be mind-blowingly fast, you probably won’t get that speed when tethering. Most cellular providers will throttle your hotspot data speed. So, even if your iPhone has a perfect 5G signal, your hotspot might be slowed down to 4G or even 3G speeds. Therefore, if you want a reliable connection you can take anywhere, choosing a cellular iPad means you don’t need to rely on hotspots at all.

3. Only Cellular iPads Have GPS

GPS is one of the most useful features of any smart device. Gone are the days of pulling out giant paper maps and asking strangers for directions. Don’t own a Tesla with a giant infotainment screen? No problem, get a car mount and put your iPad on your dashboard. iPads can be a great tool for plotting out directions or planning your next big trip, but only cellular iPads have GPS built in.

In Apple’s manufacturing process for iPads, the GPS module and the cellular module are on the same chip. So, if you don’t get a cellular iPad, it also won’t come with GPS.

If you have a Wi-Fi-only iPad, you can stillĀ use Apple Maps or Google Maps, but you’ll have to rely on Wi-Fi positioning instead of GPS. Although it can detect your general location, Wi-Fi positioning isn’t nearly as accurate as GPS.

4. Cellular iPads Are Great for Work

With the increasing shift to remote work, boardroom meetings have become living room meetings, and many former office workers are becoming full-time digital nomads. As a result, a built-in data connection on your iPad can greatly boost your productivity, especially if you’ve been able to master some efficient ways to multitask on an iPad. If you’re traveling or living somewhere without a stable internet connection, a cellular iPad can deliver the speed and reliability you need to meet with teammates or download large files.

MacBooks are the go-to for many professionals, but there’s still no MacBook available with a cellular data connection. Thankfully, devices like the cellular iPad Pro are blending laptop-level performance with the go-anywhere data connection of a phone. And for this reason, cellular connectivity is a great reason to choose an iPad over a more traditional laptop.

When connected to a cellular network, you may conduct business in your favorite coffee shop without having to worry about unreliable Wi-Fi. The experience is empowering.

5. Mobile Data Is Way More Secure Than Wi-Fi

Have you ever been compelled to use the hotel’s dubious, unprotected Wi-Fi network? Using your data as a roulette wheel by joining networks you don’t trust.

There is always a chance that a public Wi-Fi network you connect to has been compromised. Trackers and con artists love to access unsecured networks and steal bank account details, passwords, and personal data.

While there are services like VPNs that can increase the security of utilizing public Wi-Fi, an iPad on a cellular connection fully eliminates that issue. You will always have the choice of connecting to a secure network that is administered by a national service provider by selecting a cellular iPad, not some guy in a back room.

6. You Can Take Cloud Gaming Anywhere

An iPad can become a mobile gaming powerhouse by connecting to a built-in cellular network. An iPad can transition from a tablet to a mobile console with the rise of cloud gaming.Games that were once only playable on consoles or high-end PCs are now accessible on practically any device with an internet connection thanks to services like Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Although these services are excellent, they require a strong internet connection to function properly. Additionally, finding a quick and dependable connection for cloud gaming can be challenging depending on where you live. Consequently, a mobile iPad model enables you to play practically anyplace.

Cellular iPads Just Give You More Options

A mobile iPad can change the game whether it’s used for work or leisure. You can utilize your iPad in a lot more ways if you choose a cellular iPad over a Wi-Fi iPad since you’ll always have the speed, dependability, and security of a mobile data connection.

For all the reasons we’ve said above, a cellular model of the iPad is the greatest iPad that Apple currently produces.

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