Furbo 360° Cat Camera Review: Toss Treats and Check In Remotely

A fun way to keep an eye on your feline companion and ease any separation anxiety.


  • With the Furbo 360° cat camera, you can communicate with your cat from a distance thanks to a variety of features like a feather toy, two-way audio, and a reward toss.The Furbo 360° cat camera enables for monitoring in any situation thanks to its 1080P camera, night vision, wide-angle view, and 4x digital zoom.The Furbo 360° cat camera is a terrific option for keeping an eye on homes with one or more cats, and by interacting with your pet, it can help lessen separation anxiety..

The Furbo 360° cat camera broadens the selection of rotating wide-angle cameras with an emphasis on felines. The Furbo 360° cat camera offers a wealth of capabilities for those wishing to provide the same safety and engagement for their cats or set up a multi-animal monitoring system in their house..

Furbo 360 Cat Camera

Setting Up the Furbo 360° Cat Camera

The Furbo app and the quick start guide (next to a feather cat toy) both offer thorough visual instructions for the initial setup process for individuals unfamiliar with Furbo’s cameras.

Similar to the Furbo 360° dog camera, it is advised that you mount it three to four feet above the ground with enough room for it to rotate completely. The camera should be positioned within 15 feet (4.5 meters) of your WiFi router as well. For further stability, especially for more spirited cats that might otherwise try to tip it over or play rough with the feather toy, 3M sticky pads are added to the bottom of the camera.

You must clip the feather onto the wand for the new detachable feather toy before placing it in the wand base concealed beneath the bamboo lid. The wand is ideally maintained on the Furbo, but you are free to remove it as needed for introduction and to reinforce it as a toy. The wand is light enough to move with the rotation of the camera once it is inside and serves as a point of interest.

It is advised that goodies with a diameter of 0.4 inches be prepared with the cat toy for better initial impressions of the Furbo 360° cat camera. In a single 2.1oz or 60g treat bag, you can accommodate roughly 100 treats on average.

Furbo 360° Cat Camera Technical Specifications

The Furbo 360° dog camera has not altered for those who already have one in their house. The 132° (diagonal) wide-angle lens on the Furbo 360° cat camera is still a full HD 1080p camera. Although you can spin a complete 360 degrees, placement is significantly more crucial because there is no tilt.

The typical conduct of your cats will determine whether or not this is a demerit. The wide-angle lens performed well at a height of only little more than three feet above the ground when monitoring two elderly cats with a Furbo 360° cat camera. It managed to photograph both cats in their usual resting spots: one preferred to relax in a cat tree at window height, while the other preferred to sleep beneath the table.

Treat size can be set in the Furbo app to be either large rewards measuring between 0.5 and 0.75 inches or little treats measuring between 0.25 and 0.5 inches.To get the best results, you should concentrate on stiffer treats rather than cat kibble, which you will probably need to experiment with.

Furbo suggests using your own voice in place of the default bird chirping sound to create a good link with the camera. There is room to call many cats because the recording time is limited to six seconds. You can also lower the speaker volume to make it less threatening if your cat is particularly sensitive to loud noises.

The Furbo 360° cat camera offers a number of capabilities to keep your kitties in view even when they’re out and about. First and foremost, when using the Furbo Cat Nanny subscription, automatic cat tracking will monitor and record your cat’s movements while it is in live view.

The configurable live resolution between 360p, 720p, and 1080p means you can maintain a reliable connection when chatting on the go, and the 4X digital zoom can assist keep your cat in clear view.

You can still experience connectivity troubles using 5GHz Wi-Fi, much like with the dog camera.

Introducing Your Cats to the Furbo 360

The best outcomes with any Furbo product will come from a careful introduction to your pets. I experimented with the Furbo 360° cat camera on both an active boy cat and a more private female cat. Both times, treat correlation and a unique treat toss sound helped the cats become less fearful of the unexpected change to their surroundings.

In order to make this camera seem more natural, think about what characteristics to include while planning how to introduce it. The Furbo 360° dog camera’s status indication lights and default setup were adequate, but the feather toy adds a different entertaining diversion that’s perfect for cats that get bored more easily.

Understanding the Furbo App

If you’re already familiar with the Furbo app, you’ll notice that the same emphasis on a streamlined user experience that gets you to your crucial information quickly—whether it’s a live view or a list of cloud recordings—remains.

If you’re new to the app, creating a pet profile is as simple as tapping a button. You may also add more Furbo cameras as necessary.

You have the option to select all cloud recordings at once or by particular categories. Once you’ve selected a category, you may go through the subcategories to uncover specific behavior types, such different meows your cat might be making. You can, if you’d like, correct the detection during playing thanks to Furbo’s AI smart notifications.

If you’re pressed for time, you can also tap the Furbo Nanny icon to see a movie with the day’s events summarized. You will receive a combined video of the footage from all the cameras if you do have numerous cameras connected to the Furbo app as part of the Furbo Nanny Pro plan. Therefore, it is not presently possible to create a diary that is specialized to cats or dogs.

Once more, you have the option of playing, downloading, or deleting a specific recording. You should only download or delete them individually; there is no batch function for either. Videos often play without any issues, however rarely an error may occur that prevents the video from loading completely.

Using the Furbo App for Real-Time Monitoring

There are a few buttons to play with once you’re ready to connect to the live view of your Furbo cat camera. You’ll find camera, video, treat toss, and two-way audio buttons in addition to the rotation controls that may be held down for quick access to the necessary features. Additionally, you can change the auto-tracking preferences, switch between different Furbo cameras, or select the yellow kebab menu to quickly access all of your settings.

If you wish to capture your dogs when they take a cat nap, the camera’s rotation is almost completely silent for those who are worried about noise levels. However, you may change the loudness of your treat-throwing sound or communicate with your cat via the device’s two-way audio if you do want to get their attention.

Should You Subscribe to Furbo Cat Nanny?

With the purchase of the Furbo 360° cat camera, a thirty-day free trial of Furbo’s subscription service is provided for those who are unsure. Since the free trial is dependent on each solitary camera purchase, it is unaffected if you’ve already made a Furbo 360° dog camera, for example.

So, even if it’s been a while, you’re welcome to check out how the premium-based smart alerts, camera on/off scheduling, cloud recording, and daily journal video work. However, if you do drop to the basic plan, you’ll still have access to the essential features, including the treat toss and live view, along with the basic meowing notifications.

Person recognition and normal cat activity made up the majority of the notifications during the testing of smart alerts, which are issued once every 30 minutes. You may also receive a good number of selfie notifications if your cat stares directly into the camera if it is extremely intrigued about the Furbo or its treat toss chute.

When it came to meowing alerts, I discovered that neither cat recorded on medium sensitivity; their meowing vocalizations were only picked up after I changed it to high sensitivity. As with other Nanny services, you are allowed to toggle any of the smart notifications on or off as necessary if they are getting to be too much.

If you just need to use one camera, you can choose to pay the $7 monthly fee for the basic plan or the $8 monthly fee for the premium plan, which supports Nanny services on up to four cameras. Following your free trial, Furbo will provide you the option of a three-month substantially discounted special offer rate or one of its monthly, annual, or two-year plans.

Furbo 360° Cat Camera Night Vision Settings

Full night vision in black and white is available on the Furbo 360° cat camera, or color night vision in low light.

You should therefore bear this in mind when deciding to keep the camera in only one mode, depending on where it will be placed. You can choose to let the Furbo decide by setting it to auto-detection for results that are safer. If you have any smart plugs or timed lights, auto-detection can be really useful, especially if you have to leave the house unexpectedly.

Using the Cat Toy and Treat Toss Function

Before choosing a permanent location for the Furbo, it’s a good idea to take a few practice shots while you’re ready toss treats. Smaller cat treats will travel quite a distance, so you should try to avoid throwing anything in an awkward spot like under furniture. In most cases, having enough height can help with this.

In addition, depending on the size of the treats, the Furbo 360° cat camera will occasionally shoot two or three at once. You might wish to refrain from completely filling the treat chute if you have a sensitive stomach about how many goodies your cat receives.

The feather toy provides a different means of entertaining a cat who may be less food-motivated or more aloof. As long as it is kept a safe distance from the camera, there should be no risk of damage. However, you should use the sticky pads at the base of the Furbo to keep it more securely in place if you have a cat who is overly concentrated on playing, such as one who is still a kitten.

Even if your cats don’t have a strong instinct for play or hunting, it’s a wonderful choice to make the camera more tempting for them.

Should You Buy the Furbo 360° Cat Camera?

The Furbo 360° cat camera stands out from standard security cameras thanks to a number of unique characteristics. You’ll still have access to the regular 360° camera functions as well as a built-in cat toy and treat dispenser, even though some are subscription-gated. The layout is ideal for homes with pets.

If you think it will fit with your cats’ personalities and routines, trying it out could help you stay more connected to them. Simply think about the advantages and whether you travel frequently enough to make the outlay (and likely recurring subscription) worthwhile.

  • Furbo 360 Cat Camera

Along with its 1080P camera, the Furbo 360° cat camera offers a unique combination of functions, such as the ability to play with your cat from a distance using a feather toy, two-way audio, and a treat-throwing capability. For monitoring in any situation, the Furbo 360° cat camera also offers night vision, a wide-angle view, and a 4x digital zoom. This cat camera’s base features can be combined with premium subscription options to increase monitoring and keep a closer eye on concern areas.

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