Google Play Games on PC: What Is It and How Do You Get It?

A new Android emulator has arrived that lets you play mobile games on your PC.


  • Now in beta and supporting about 100 well-known games, Google Play Games on PC is an officially supported PC emulator for Android mobile games found on Google Play.With a bigger screen and better graphics, it lets you move your game progress from your phone to PC.Although the emulator has many drawbacks—for example, it is clumsy when switching from touch to keyboard and mouse controls—it works incredibly well for shooters like Knives Out and Free Fire MAX.

Another Google gaming project, but on PC? Google is coming out with an Android emulator for PC focused on gaming called Google Play Games on PC. Here’s what you need to know about it and how you can join the beta.

What Is Google Play Games on PC?

Google Play Games on PC is an officially supported PC emulator for Android mobile games available on Google Play. As of November 2023, it’s still in beta and only supports around 100 of the most popular games.

The Google Play Games name used to refer to the mobile app that connects your game progress across all devices your Google account is connected to. However, Google Play Games will now refer to the PC emulator moving forward.

With Google Play Games, you’re able to move from your phone to PC while keeping your progress on connected games. It uses your PC’s more powerful hardware, so you can play your favorite Android games on a larger screen and with higher-fidelity graphics.

How to Get Google Play Games on PC

The Google Play Games beta is available for download on the PC platform. There’s a decent possibility you’ll be able to access the beta as Google has extended its availability to more locations.

With the exception of the extra step of having to enable system virtualization, installation is identical to any other Windows application. To turn it on, navigate to your BIOS and turn it on. For a comprehensive guide, see how to enable Hyper-V in Windows 10 or Windows 11.

Games like Asphalt 9, Free Fire MAX, Genshin Impact, and Mobile Legends are now available for download. Nevertheless, PUBG, Call of Duty: Mobile, Wild Rift, and numerous other well-known titles aren’t available yet. The beta now only has roughly 100 games, but more will be added later.

Since this beta version does not allow you to modify the download location, we advise freeing up space on your C: disk. The downloads will still go into AppData/Local/Google/Play Games/ even if you install Google Play Games on a separate drive.

For the emulator, the file serves as a virtual 512GB drive, and you are currently unable to alter it.

Should You Play Your Mobile Games on Google Play Games on PC?

You shouldn’t anticipate the smoothest transition from touch to keyboard and mouse because this is still an emulator. Playing mobile games can occasionally be awkward because they weren’t designed with a keyboard and mouse in mind.

Even though a good CPU can provide excellent PC performance, the controllers provide a greater problem.

Because they can’t be played on PC like DOTA or League of Legends, MOBAs like Mobile Legends aren’t the best. Instead of just right-clicking on the map to move your character, you’ll need to utilize WASD, which will make it difficult to activate skills and move your character at the same time.

But for shooters like Knives Out or Free Fire MAX, it’s great. Given that using a mouse for aiming is more precise than using a touch screen, it may even offer you an advantage. Nevertheless, there are many more lightweight Android emulators available that don’t have the restrictions of Google Play Games if you really want to play PUBG or Call of Duty: Mobile.

Play Your Favorite Android Games With an Officially Supported Emulator

If you truly want to play games, we wouldn’t advise using Google Play Games as your primary emulator as it is still in beta. especially considering that if you download a lot of games, it will rapidly fill up your C: disk with space. Although there are many other options available to you, having an emulator that is officially supported is amazing, and we’re forward to see what it develops into in the future.

That is, assuming Google doesn’t give up on it as it has with all of its previous gaming endeavors.

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