How to Use the Privacy-Focused Euki App for Period Tracking

The privacy policy of the Euki app distinguishes it from competitors. Here are some tips for maximizing this health resource.

When it concerns privacy and data security, period tracking apps often have a terrible reputation. Many of these applications have ambiguous privacy rules, which makes users confused of whether their private information is secure or in danger.

Fortunately, not every period app (or its privacy policies) are created equal. Euki is a better alternative for those who wants to track their period while maintaining their privacy because it is one of the few menstruation tracking applications that does not gather any data.

Find out more about using the privacy-first app here.

What Makes Euki a “Privacy-First Period App”

Since personal information was initially sold to other parties like Facebook, there has been debate over whether period trackers are safe to use. Women’s safety and period monitoring apps came under scrutiny after the US overturned federal abortion protection laws in 2022, which exacerbated these concerns.

The fact that certain menstruation app developers and businesses may not be following privacy rules and may even be enabling sensitive data to be misused and shared further raises worry, according to the UK-registered charity Privacy International.

Euki’s creators claim to take privacy carefully because of this. This unrestricted reproductive health app was made by Women Help Women, a global activist non-profit group, keeping privacy in mind.

The all of Your data won’t be compromised, sold to other parties, or given to law enforcement; it will be saved locally on your device when you submit information into Euki.

Download: Euki for Android | iOS (Free)

How Do I Know That the Euki App Is Safe and Won’t Sell My Data?

Knowing how to spot whether your health app is selling your personal information is a good thing. We discovered unmistakable signs that the Euki app is a good idea, including:

  • A clear privacy policy. It’s clearly stated in Euki’s Privacy Policy that the developer does not collect any personal or other information from users.
  • Nothing to declare on the App Store or Google Play. When you download Euki from your app store, you can see a summary of the app’s privacy practices. On Google Play, scroll down to Data Safety, or on the iOS App Store, scroll down to App Privacy. Here, you can see verification that the developer does not collect any data from the Euki app.
  • No unnecessary permission requests. Unlike other health apps, Euki doesn’t ask for permission to access your camera, microphone, or location—meaning it can’t snoop on you.
  • You can set up a PIN code. As your data is in your hands, you want to protect it by adding a PIN protection code, which Euki encourages you to set.
  • You can display a fake screen. If someone else asks you to open the Euki app, you can protect your data by entering 1111 as your PIN code to open a fake screen.
  • You can delete your data anytime. You can delete your tracked symptoms manually or automatically at any time from Euki.
  • A thumbs up from *Privacy Not Included. Mozilla’s buying guide provides a thorough report on the Euki app and its privacy features, earning the *Privacy Not Included Best Of Badge for not collecting personal data.

Because it does not collect any personal information and actively encourages users to take charge of their privacy, the Euki app offers the highest level of data protection.

How to Set Up the Euki App

The Euki app may be quickly and easily set up. You don’t need to provide any personal data or contact information because your data is saved locally. To get started, just download Euki and adhere to the onscreen instructions.

You’ll be asked whether you want to add a PIN to your app to increase security throughout the brief setup procedure. When asked, choose SET PIN and enter a passcode using the number pad.

To go past this phase, tap NOT NOW. (To set a PIN at any time, navigate to the Privacy page.)

Also included in the setup are Euki’s Terms of Use, which you should read. To finish the setup and launch the app, tap Agree.

The Basics of Using the Euki App

The primary features of the Euki app are divided into tabs for simple navigation. The following features may be found in these tabs:

  • Cycle: View your Day Summary and Cycle Summary, track new symptoms, and access the app’s settings.
  • Calendar: View your previous symptoms and metrics in either Calendar or List View. You can also set reminders here.
  • Track: Tap the plus (+) icon to track your menstrual symptoms (more on this below).
  • Info: Learn about a range of related topics, from pregnancy to sexuality, and gain support where needed from these in-app guides.
  • Privacy: Our favorite tab, which gives you control over your data. Toggle Set frequent data deletion or tap Delete all data now to remove any logged data. You can also set a PIN and access the privacy statement here.

Tracking your menstrual cycle regularly can help you gain a better insight into your body and health.

How to Track Your Period on the Euki App

Follow these steps to track your menstrual cycle on Euki and get period forecasts, cycle summaries, and other insights:

  1. Tap the (+Track button.
  2. If you want to add symptoms for a previous day, scroll through the dates at the top of the screen to find and add symptoms for a different date.
  3. Scroll down through the categories to find the type of symptom you wish to track (e.g., Bleeding, Emotions, Body).
  4. Tap on the symptoms you have on that day (e.g., Light Flow, Stressed, Bloating).
  5. Use the Note section to enter any thoughts or feelings.
  6. Tap Done tracking to save your symptoms.

You could see a pop-up when monitoring your period asking if you want the symptoms to be included in your cycle summary and period forecasts. If you want the symptoms to appear in your summary, tap not this one to omit them or yes, include them.

How to Use the Euki App to Learn About Your Health

The Euki app will start to offer additional details and insights into your health as you keep track of your symptoms during your menstrual cycle.

You will be able to observe your period’s length, average cycle length, and any cycle deviations. In order to bring any anomalies, missing periods, or strange symptoms to your doctor for a diagnosis, this might be helpful.

Euki can be used to record health-related occurrences. If you take oral contraceptives or any other medications, you may use the Calendar tab’s Reminders feature to remind you to take your prescription on schedule.

To monitor your medical wellness, you may also keep appointments and schedule future ones.

These information can be added (in the Track tab).

Check out the resources under the Info tab if you need assistance or guidance with any particular aspects of your health. Whether you are pregnant, have a STI, or are concerned about your reproductive health, you may find information, helplines, and workbooks here.

You Can Take Control of Your Health Safely With the Euki Period Tracker App

The Euki app is a useful tool to use if you want to track your period without worrying about your privacy in any unsettling ways. Without worrying that your private information will be shared or sold, you may securely track your symptoms and keep an eye on your menstrual health.

you secure your data, be sure you PIN-protect the app and use other security features on your smartphone. Use the erase option on your smartphone to remove the local data if you’re worried about someone reading your Euki data.

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