One UI 6: The 6 Best New Features for Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

One UI 6 blends Android 14 with special software features that are exclusive to Samsung. Here are some of the most anticipated new features for your Galaxy mobile.

The most recent major version of Samsung’s Android overlay for their Galaxy smartphones is called One UI 6. The skin, which is based on Android 14, has a number of new features and improvements to give a better user experience and help Galaxy phones stand out from the crowd. Discover some of the best One UI 6 features by continuing to read.

1. Redesigned Quick Settings Panel

With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles appearing separately at the top and presenting more data, One UI 6’s updated Quick Settings panel makes it easier to access your most often used tiles. By default, the brightness slider is shown beneath the tiles.

Toggles for the dark mode and the eye comfort shield are visible when the slider for brightness is completely enlarged. With the new Quick Settings Instant get, you may swipe down from the right side of the screen to get the enlarged panel.

Additionally, the notification shade has had a minor update and now shows incoming alerts individually. The redesigned media player controller, which employs album cover as its backdrop and squiggly animations for the seek bar, is another standout feature. And don’t worry, you can still personalize the Quick Settings screen on your Galaxy phone.

2. Smarter Airplane Mode

After activating Airplane mode, One UI 6 will remember whether you enabled Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. That means the next time you select Airplane mode, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth will be kept on automatically, saving you from having to turn them on separately each time.

3. Camera App Improvements

The Camera app has had a number of enhancements in One UI 6. When you take images or make movies, a level line will show up in the viewfinder if grid lines are enabled. You can perfectly position the shot with the aid of this.

One UI 6 introduces a new Camera widget that allows you to quickly switch between the camera settings of your choosing. You can also arrange several Camera widgets on your screen and even choose the album where the photographs are kept.

A few Camera Assistant features have also been included right into the app, such Quality Optimization, which lets you select between better image quality and faster processing. Several other alignment options allow you to place the watermark at the top or bottom of a photograph. The interface’s component parts have also undergone changes for a more modern look and feel.

4. New System Font

With One UI 6, Samsung has created a new system typeface that is more cleaner and simpler to read. On Galaxy phones, fonts can be installed and changed, so don’t worry if you don’t like the new font.

5. Enhanced Gallery and Photo Editor

In One UI 6, some helpful improvements have been made to the Samsung Gallery app and the built-in Photo Editor. When you extract something from a picture in Gallery, you may store it as a sticker. You may use it in this manner to modify other media files.

Two-finger drag-and-drop functionality has been added to the Gallery app, making library administration simpler. Use one finger to choose the images and videos, then use the other to select the album and drop the items there. Samsung’s Gallery software now allows users to copy and paste modifications across photographs, simplifying bulk editing and taking a lead from iPhones.

With regard to the Photo Editor, it comes with a ton of fresh backdrops and effects that you can apply to your photos.

6. Modes and Routines With Lock Screen Integration

One UI 6 makes improvements to the helpful Modes and Routines functionality. You may now have several lock screens for various modes since it is integrated with your lock screen. For instance, your Galaxy phone’s lock screen will change to a layout with a larger clock while Driving mode is on.

Additionally, Samsung has introduced support for a number of additional situations and actions, greatly enhancing the functionality of Modes and Routines.

One UI 6 Packs Many Useful New Features

The list of additional functions and adjustments that Samsung has added to One UI 6 is not exhaustive. New emojis, a new weather widget, accessibility choices, and more are among the other modest but useful upgrades. Along with all the other security and privacy features that Google included to Android 14, they are additionally available.

Future upgrades to One UI 6 will be made by Samsung and will typically be released together with the company’s next flagship Galaxy handsets.

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