The 8 Best Mental Health Apps for Seniors

Utilize these smartphone applications to maintain your mental acuity as you age in a healthy way.

Unfortunately, mental health of seniors sometimes goes unnoticed. However, maintaining good senior mental health is crucial, particularly if you want to live a long and happy life.

The good news is that there are several excellent smartphone apps available to assist seniors in managing and enhancing their mental health. Examine these choices for online counseling, brain training, meditation, and more.

1. 7 Cups

In addition to providing paid online assistance from genuine licensed therapists, the mobile app and online therapy platform 7 Cups also provides free online therapy and counseling with trained volunteer listeners.

Having someone to talk to, whether it be a volunteer, therapist, or just a member of the community, may be very beneficial for seniors. Even better results from psychological therapies are shown in older persons than in adults of working age, according to a research published in the Journal of Affective Disorders.

Threads, facilitated talks, and general support groups are available on 7 Cups. Its 50 & Over Community, however, is what distinguishes it as a superior software for seniors. Before purchasing a premium membership, take sure to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing therapeutic applications.

2. TalkLife

A different alternative is to use an app like TalkLife to communicate and share with a worldwide community of peers when professional treatment or counseling is not an option.

Grief and anxiety, two prevalent mental health conditions that seniors may be coping with, are among the chat categories or filters. The TalkLife app also offers complete customization. As a result, you may filter the postings to just display those from persons over 40, making it simple to locate older folks with whom you identify or who are experiencing the same issues as you.

3. MindMate

The prestigious software MindMate is one of the top online resources for senior mental health. For seniors who are more at ease using computers and have trouble utilizing touch displays, MindMate is now accessible on desktop/PC web browsers.

Enter your personal information, including your birth year and current health status, to start using MindMate. then finish a brief memory test. Following that, MindMate builds a schedule of games, exercises, and articles tailored just for you. However, you may choose your own activities from a wide range of alternatives, which include more than 200 workouts and 100 nutritious foods.

4. Sanvello

According to a study published in the International Journal for Equity in Health, anxiety and depression are serious health issues for older persons. A mental healthcare app called Sanvello was developed specifically to help those who are coping with stress, anxiety, and depression.

A variety of self-care activities and tools are available on the Sanvello app, including guided meditations, deep breathing, thought tracking, goal tracking, journaling, and blogging. Additionally, Sanvello provides paid treatment sessions with certified therapists and psychiatrists as well as paid coaching sessions.

The Sanvello community may be the most significant component of the Sanvello app. You may find online assistance from peers and seniors who have been where you are and know what you’re going through here.

5. Headspace

One of the most widely used meditation applications is Headspace, mostly due to the amount of information it offers. Even older citizens who are total beginners would probably like Headspace’s selection of brief guided meditation sessions as they master the basics.

Additionally, Headspace provides exercises, bedtime tales, concentration music, soundscapes, and soundscapes to assist grownups go asleep.

6. Lumosity

Certain cognitive talents might deteriorate with age, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your mind busy as you get older. A key component of maintaining senior mental health is challenging and improving your intellect, which is what the Lumosity app attempts to do. After determining your baseline, Lumosity suggests brain games that are ideal for you.

There are more than 50 cognitive games available that focus on a variety of abilities like memory, concentration, speed, and problem-solving. A few of the enjoyable brain games include Highway Hazards, Tidal Treasures, and Assist Ants.

7. NeuroNation

NeuroNation is a great cognitive training program for older folks who are struggling with memory problems and decreased focus, similar to Lumosity. The NeuroNation app will create a customized training plan for you once you complete a strengths and weaknesses exam. Seniors can choose their age category for a more realistic comparison following the test.

The tasks on NeuroNation are broken up into four categories: speed, attention, memory, and reasoning. Word Acrobat, Parallel Perfection, Focus Master, and Word Memobox are a few examples of brain training activities in these areas. You may also find other mini-exercises that work your mind and body by tapping the Extras option in the NeuroNation app.

8. Sensalus

Your physical and emotional well-being are interconnected. You must maintain both your physical and mental health in order to be mentally healthy. Seniors will like the mobile fitness and wellness app Sensalus! The Sensalus app provides delectable meals, nutritional advice, weekly fitness plans, sleep sounds, and bedtime stories, among other things.

Additionally, the Sensalus app makes sure that workout sessions are catered to your fitness level precisely when it comes to scheduling. Thus, if you’re an elderly person with limited strength and movement, the app will adjust the fitness class for you.

Being Mentally Healthy Is Important for Seniors

Age-related problems include financial difficulties, loss of loved ones, retirement stress, physical ailments, and social isolation. However, as you become older, these features of aging can frequently have a detrimental impact on your mental health. No matter your age, it is crucial that you take care of your mental health and wellbeing.

You must seek out the assistance you require rather than ignoring your mental health or persuading yourself that problems with your mental health are simply a normal part of becoming older.

These mental health applications may assist seniors in managing and enhancing their mental health without even leaving the house, from online treatment and counseling to exercise regimens and brain training.


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