How to Add Trusted Sites on Windows 11

Here’s how to add a trustworthy website using your preferred browser or Windows 11.

Your browser examines every page you visit while online to make sure it’s secure for your computer. There may be instances, though, in which you still want to visit an internet address despite its security classification. We can help if you’re not sure how to go about doing this.

This page includes instructions for several browsers, including Chrome by Google, Brave, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox, as well as a demonstration of how to add trusted sites on Windows 11.

How to Add Trusted Sites Using Internet Options

The Internet Options window, as its name indicates, is the place to go to set up all of your internet-related preferences. It allows you to control cookies, add trustworthy websites, configure a VPN on Windows, and much more.

To use it to add trusted sites to browsers, follow the below instructions:

  1. To add a website to the trusted list, copy its URL.
  2. Enter “Internet Options” into the search field in the Start Menu by pressing the Windows key once it has opened.
  3. Open the Security tab.
  4. Click the Sites button, then click the Trusted sites symbol.
  5. Click the Add button after pasting the copied URL into the Add website to the zone section.
  6. To save the changes, choose Close and then OK.
  7. Access the Trusted sites window, choose the desired website, and then click the Remove option to remove it from the trusted list.

How to Add a Website to the Google Chrome Trusted List

One of the top internet browsers for Windows is Google Chrome. The steps listed below can be used to add an internet address to Google Chrome’s list of trustworthy sites:

  1. Browse the website you wish to add to the trusted web pages list in Google Chrome by launching it.
  2. Choose Site settings from the pop-up menu by clicking the Lock icon to the left of the URL box.
  3. Allow can be selected from the context menu by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the Insecure material option. Restart Google Chrome after that

That’s pretty much it. The new website may now be accessed without a pop-up or warning from Google Chrome.

Choose Block(default) from the Insecure content drop-down selection in the future if you wish for eliminating the website in question from the trusted list, and then restart Google Chrome to apply the adjustments.

How to Add a Website to the Microsoft Edge Trusted List

It’s a straightforward process to add or remove a website to Microsoft Edge trusted list. Below is a step-by-step instruction on how to do that:

How to Add a Website to the Microsoft Edge Trusted List

A website may be easily added or removed from the Microsoft Edge trustworthy list. Here is a detailed explanation on how to achieve that:

  • Browse the website you wish to add to the Microsoft trusted list by launching Microsoft Edge.
  • Choose Permissions for this site by clicking the Lock icon next to the URL box on the left.
  • From the drop-down selection for Insecure material, select Allow. To save the changes, restart Microsoft Edge after that.

How to Add a Website to the Mozilla Firefox Trusted List

The steps are as follows to add a site to Mozilla Firefox’s trusted list:

  • Visit the website you wish to add to Mozilla Firefox’s trusted list.
  • Copy the website’s URL.
  • Choose Settings by clicking the hamburger symbol in the upper right corner.
  • Click the Manage Exceptions button in the right pane after selecting the Privacy& Security selection from the left sidebar.
  • Copy the website address, then paste it there before selecting the Add Exception option.
  • Select Save Changes from the menu.
  • Access the Manage Exceptions box, choose the website, and then pick the Remove Website option to remove the website from Mozilla Firefox’s trusted list. Click the Save Changes button after that.

How to Add a Website to the Brave Trusted List

  • To add a website to Mozilla Firefox’s trusted list, perform these steps:
  • To add a website to Mozilla Firefox’s trusted list, go to that site.
  • the URL of the webpage.
  • Click the hamburger icon in the top right corner to select Settings.
  • After choosing the Privacy& Security option from the left sidebar, click the Manage Exceptions button in the right pane.
  • Before choosing the Add Exception option, copy the website address and put it in.
  • From the menu, choose Save Changes.
  • To remove an internet address from Mozilla Firefox’s trusted list, open the Manage Exceptions box, select the site, and then click the Remove Website option. After that, click the Save Changes button.

Set Up Trusted Sites List

Your browser will frequently display error warnings when you access particular websites or web pages. This safeguard protects your computer from potentially dangerous websites. However, if you are confident that the website is secure, you may add it to the trustworthy list of several browsers.

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