How to Legally Download Movies to Watch Offline for Free

Here is all the information you want on how to legally and for no charge download movies to watch offline.

Nowadays, nearly everyone uses streaming services to watch the newest, most popular movies and TV episodes. Despite this, streaming still has a significant drawback: an internet connection is required. Therefore, they are not very practical for travel.

Thankfully, a lot of the top streaming sites now let you download movies for free as part of your regular subscription so you can view them offline. So, in this essay, we’ll demonstrate how to legally and for free download movies to watch offline.



Depending on your subscription, you may be able to watch Netflix movies offline. Downloading material doesn’t affect the number of screens you are permitted to see on (you are able to download to the identical amount of devices that your plan permits for streaming).

On the ad-supported plan, you are unable to download movies to watch offline.

Additionally, not every content may be downloaded. Simply check for the Download button on the movie’s summary page within the iOS or Android app to see whether something is available.

It’s easy to download movies from Netflix on a laptop as long as you use the desktop program rather than the browser.

The majority of Chromebooks support the Android app, plus there are Netflix apps for Windows 10 and 11 on the Microsoft Store. Sadly, there is no Netflix app for Mac or Linux, thus those operating systems cannot access Netflix offline.

Netflix makes it simple to do a genre- or keyword-based search for content to watch. The rapid transfer rates are one of the finest features of utilizing Netflix to watch material offline.

Your experience may differ depending on your connection’s specifics, but the majority of people can download a movie in under a minute.

Download: Netflix for Android | iOS (from $15.49/month for plans that support offline viewing)

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime makes it simple to download movies for offline viewing. To download an episode, simply long-press on it and choose Download from the pop-up menu. To access your offline movies, tap Downloads after tapping the Download option located beneath the description of your preferred movie.

One of the best things about Amazon Prime is how many new releases, oldies, and kid-friendly options are available.

Remember that Amazon Prime provides both streaming and downloaded entertainment in addition to a variety of other membership benefits. Access to Audible audiobooks, Kindle eBooks, and music files are among them. Free and quick shipping is also available for Amazon items that qualify for Prime.

Download: Amazon Prime Video for Android | iOS ($14.99/month or $139/year)



As part of your regular membership, you may download Disney+ movies for free to view while you’re not online. You are only need to check in on each device at least once every 30 days and download to up to 10 different devices.

There are primarily two limitations. The ad-supported plan does not allow you to download movies or television series, just like with Netflix. Second, only the Android and iOS applications offer watching offline. Disney+ material cannot be downloaded on a PC legally.

Simply go to the movie of your choosing and touch the Download icon located above the description to get started. To access your offline content, use the Downloads option in the menu bar.

Download: Disney+ for Android | iOS (from $10.99/month for offline viewing)

Google TV

Google TV

From Google Play, you may download movies and TV series to watch later. One of the greatest sites to rent new movies is Google TV, which used to be referred to as Google Play Movies & TV. You may download stuff you’ve purchased on up to five devices.

Because you are unable to make buys inside the app on an iPhone, stock up on everything you’ll need before you go. The issue is not present on Android.

The user-friendly design of Google TV makes it simple to find content. With snippets of user ratings, it’s comparable to Amazon Prime and makes it easy to pick the movies you absolutely must see.

Simply click Download on a movie or series page to save it. after that, utilize the Your things > Movies screen’s

Download: Google TV for Android | iOS (Free, prices vary for downloadable content)

YouTube Premium

If you can find them, you may download free movies from YouTube to view them offline. On YouTube, there are many movies available for free to view. Each video’s website includes a Download option, but in order to use it, you must subscribe to YouTube Premium. Even then, not all content is accessible online.

A subscription-based program called YouTube Premium is accessible in a few nations, including the USA. You can enjoy millions of ad-free videos with YouTube Premium, which also gives you access to the YouTube Music streaming service. There is a separate area for children, and it also allows legal offline watching.

On Android, you may register for the service by visiting your account page in the YouTube app. You may use iOS devices

Download: YouTube Premium for Android | iOS ($13.99/month)


Vimeo is an additional useful resource for free offline movies. You may save movies for a more convenient time, such when traveling, using the Watch Later function. Once your video has loaded, click Add to offline playlist from the menu by tapping the three dots next to the title. Open your profile and choose Offline in the upper right to access your offline stuff.

Unsurprisingly, you can still see a sizable portion of the site’s material in high definition, including works by indie filmmakers and music videos from emerging artists. Vimeo was the first video streaming service to provide high-definition streaming.

People also adore Vimeo since it doesn’t have ads and requires no membership, even if it isn’t a streaming service that you can use without registering.

The ability to instantly upload material without using a computer constitutes one of the app’s strengths. This function is useful if you’re on the road and wish to share some of your trip experiences with pals, but it does require an internet connection.

Download: Vimeo for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)


During your trip, are you seeking for a little inspiration and knowledge? Count on the TED app to make up the difference. If you’re using a laptop and want to bring it along on your vacation, you may download content for later viewing. Otherwise, before leaving, make sure the TED app is set up on your device.

There are more than 2,000 downloadable videos from TED, many of which include subtitles in various languages. Simply click the Download option next to a TED talk you think is valuable to begin uploading the file to your device. The item will then appear in My Library.

Unlike the other apps featured so far, this one is free, making it a good choice for cost-conscious media content consumption.

Download: TED for Android | iOS (Free)

How to Watch Free Movies Offline

Ready to hit the road? Then travel-related boredom could be a thing of the past. Whether you subscribe to a service or are happy with one-off downloads and free content, it’s easy to get your film fix while traveling thanks to these excellent free movie download sites.

And if you’re a fan of Paramount, you can download movies from there too.

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