How to Protect Yourself From Unknown Bluetooth Trackers Using an Android Phone

Android comes with features that can identify and warn you when unwanted AirTags or other Bluetooth trackers are present.


  • To receive notifications when a Bluetooth tracker you’re not familiar with is with you, turn on Unknown Tracker Alerts on your Android phone.
  • To find out why the Bluetooth tracker is on you, tap the notice to view a map of where it was originally detected.
  • If you believe you are being tracked, manually scan for Bluetooth trackers to provide you piece of mind and the chance to take appropriate action.

For locating the objects you frequently misplace, such as your remote control, keys, wallet, and so on, Bluetooth trackers are useful. Small business owners have even been known to utilize them to track down and recover stolen, expensive things. Bluetooth trackers can be used to stalk persons in addition to being convenient.

Fortunately, your Android phone can alert you when a Bluetooth tracker that isn’t connected to your device is nearby. Here’s how to do that while ensuring your safety.

How Does Unknown Tracker Alerts Work?

Your Android device (running Android 6.0+) will alert you if an unknown Bluetooth tracker—that is, one that isn’t registered to you—is accompanying you if you have Unknown Tracker Alerts turned on. When you tap the notice, a map displaying the location the Bluetooth tracker was initially detected with you will appear. That’s helpful since it can help you figure out how, who, or why you originally had a Bluetooth tracker on you.

In order to assist you find the tracker, you may then press Play Sound on your Android phone, which will effectively ping the device and make a noise to help you find it. The Bluetooth tracker’s registered owner won’t be informed that you are looking for it, either.

It’s vital to remember that starting in October 2023, Unknown Tracker Alerts will only identify Bluetooth trackers from Apple AirTag. Google has said that it intends to add support for more Bluetooth trackers, though as of this writing there isn’t a firm deadline.

How to Activate Unknown Tracker Alerts on Android

If you are already familiar with how Bluetooth trackers operate, you are also aware of the dilemma they provide.By concealing a tracker under a car, in a coat pocket, a purse, or luggage, among other places, Bluetooth trackers make it uncomfortablely simple for someone to trail you. Because of this, it’s crucial to make sure your Android phone can notify you if an unauthorized tracker enters your vicinity.

Go to Settings > Safety & Emergency > Unknown tracker alerts > Allow notifications on your Pixel phone to configure that. Unknown Tracker Alerts will routinely search the area around you for unidentified trackers.

How to Manually Scan for Bluetooth Trackers

You have the option to manually scan on the Unknown Tracker Alerts page if you think you’re being watched by a Bluetooth tracker right now. It’s a clever feature that instantly makes you feel at ease.

To do this, return to the page for Unknown Tracker Alerts and select Scan now under Manual scan this time. If an unidentified tracker is discovered or if you are safe, you will be informed.

Getting Notified of Bluetooth Trackers Can Save Your Life

Discovering you’re being tracked is one of the most terrifying things you may experience in life. And far too frequently, victims are monitored without them realizing it until it is too late. Activate Unknown Tracker Alerts on your Android phone to prevent becoming a victim in only a few taps, then pass along the advise to the other Android users in your life.

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