How to Create a Table of Contents in Google Slides

Want to improve the organization and navigation of your Google Slides presentations? Discover how to add a table of contents to Google Slides.

In reports, a table of contents (TOC) is regarded as crucial, but we frequently forget to include one in our presentations. A TOC can assist your PowerPoint deck look more professional and well-organized, just like it would in any other document. You may easily go between your slides without having to scroll up and down by using a TOC.

A simple approach to incorporate such a table into your presentation is through Google Slides. Here’s how to add a table of contents to your Google Slides presentation step-by-step.

1. Create a Table of Contents Slide

You need to include a Table of Contents slide once your slide deck has been made. To do this:

Select New Slide under Insert in the toolbar up top.

If your slide is empty, select Text Box under Insert.

Type “Table of Contents” in the first line of the document.

Place the table of contents (TOC) slide at the start of your presentation after designing it. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Grid View or the box next to Show Filmstrip should be selected under View on the toolbar. All of your slides will be shown using any of these options in the order of their serial numbers.
  2. Slide 1 of the Table of Contents should be moved to the top of the presentation.
  3. To continue editing the table of contents slide, select it.

2. Adding a Table of Contents in Google Slides

You have two options after creating a slide with a table of contents: put the linked slide titles, or type your desired text and link it to the particular slide.

Option 1: Inserting the Linked Slide Titles

Follow these steps to add linked slide titles to your Table of Contents slide.

Set your cursor inside the text box after choosing it.

Now you may either choose Link from the alternatives by doing a right-click. The Insert Link icon is also available on the toolbar. If you can’t find this symbol, think about using Google Slides’ Tool Finder.

To add the first slide to the Table of Contents slide, first pick Slides in this Presentation from the link box at the bottom.Upon completion, the text box will display the associated slide’s number and title. If you wish to get rid of the slide number, you can alter this.

Repetition is required to add the remaining links to the Table of Contents slide’s slide titles.

Option 2: Inserting Text and Then Linking It to the Slides

Additionally, you may give each slide a unique title and then add links to them. This is the best option if your slides have no titles or if you want to give each slide a name that suits your tastes.

Just make sure to keep these headers succinct because a cluttered slide is a common misstep in slideshow design. The following describes how to enter text and link it to your slides:

Put the title or the text you wish to use for the first slide in the Table of Contents slide.

After that, either right-click on this text and choose Link from the context menu, or select it by selecting it and then clicking again.

A link box will appear. The precise slide you want to connect to should be selected by choosing Slides in this Presentation. Either use the search bar or select it from the list of options below to do this.

Once you have typed the text and linked it to each slide in the Table of Contents slide, repeat the previous steps.

3. Testing Out the Table

You must test your updated table of contents to make sure it functions properly in order to guarantee a smooth display. Simply check that the hyperlinked slide titles in the Table of Contents slide take you to the appropriate slides by clicking on them.

Enhance Your Google Slides Presentation With a Table of Contents

Your slide deck will look more professional if it has a table of contents, and your audience will know more about what to expect from the keynote. A table of contents can be added in a few easy steps by either inputting the titles and linking them to the slides or by inserting linked slide titles. Remember to test your table of contents as well to prevent any mistakes or blunders during your presentation.

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