How to Send and Receive a Package Using the Uber App

Why use a traditional courier service when you can pay an Uber driver to deliver packages on your behalf?


  • Uber users may send and receive packages using the app, and the company provides a convenient and reasonably priced package delivery service.By adding pickup and recipient locations, selecting a vehicle type, and selecting the Package option under the Services page, users may ship packages with ease.For those who send items frequently, the package delivery service is advantageous because it reduces postage costs and offers real-time tracking via the Uber app.

The immensely popular ride-hailing service Uber also makes it easy to mail and receive parcels. We’ve got you covered if you happened to miss this helpful feature when using the Uber app to book rides.

How to Send a Package Using Uber

Whether you want to send a birthday gift to a loved one or deliver a business package to a paying customer, here’s how to have an Uber driver deliver a package on your behalf using the Uber app:

  1. Launch the Uber app, then select the Services option from the drop-down menu.
  2. From the list of services that displays, choose Package.
  3. ChooseOn the ensuing screen, click Send a Package.
  4. Just include the recipient’s location and the pickup location. To pinpoint the place, you can move around on the map, utilize Saved Places, or your present position.
  5. Check both places on the map before proceeding.

Package Car and Package Moto are the two car delivery choices available to you. Uber’s motorbike option, Package Moto, lets you mail and receive small parcels. However, a mid-sized vehicle’s trunk can hold a huge box that box Car may deliver and receive. Select the type of car you want and confirm the pickup.

How to Receive a Package Using Uber

If you need something important picked up from across town and delivered straight to you, having an Uber driver collect that package for you is just so much more convenient. The steps are simple and essentially the same as sending a package—here’s how to receive a package using the Uber app:

  1. Reopen the Uber app and go back to the Services section.
  2. On the ensuing screen, select Receive a Package.
  3. Enter your address, which will serve as the ultimate delivery address, along with the package’s origin.
  4. You may now select from Uber’s many vehicle types and options and verify the details on the map.

Similar to mailing a package, the size of the package will determine which of the two vehicle types you can select.

Additionally, there may be an additional option named Return a Package under Services on the Uber app for certain users. With the use of this function, customers can ask an Uber driver to deliver a box to a nearby FedEx, UPS, or post office. Please be aware that only American Uber users are eligible for this option.

How Can You Benefit From Using Uber’s Package Delivery Service?

Uber offers a very reasonable package delivery service for people who send and receive packages on a regular basis. Think about all the money you’ll probably save by not having to pay for delivery labels, postage, or trips to the neighborhood post office.

If you sell things online and would like same-day delivery, it’s a great delivery choice in terms of accessibility and quickness.

To make sure your product is secure while in transit, the majority of delivery firms offer website for tracking parcel deliveries. However, since you can use the Uber app to actively track the delivery driver in real-time, that is not required in this case. Furthermore, if you are the one sending the box, you may even let the recipient know about the trip so they will be prepared to pick it up when the driver comes.

Use the Uber App to Send and Receive Packages

From now on, you may use the Uber app to request package delivery and pickup from drivers rather than going to the post office or driving yourself. Although there are several package delivery apps on the market, Uber provides an affordable, quick, and dependable alternative.

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