How to Share an AirTag With Others

Learn how to distribute Apple’s tracker so that multiple people can track the whereabouts of an object.

Apple is now enabling customers to share an AirTag with other people starting with iOS and iPadOS 17. This will enable multiple people to monitor its whereabouts. We’ll walk you through every step involved in sharing an AirTag.

How to Share Your AirTag

There are some crucial prerequisites that must be met before you start. An AirTag can only be shared by five people. Additionally, you’ll need to use two-factor authentication to secure your Apple ID. The second individual you are exchanging the AirTag location with needs to be logged into iCloud and have their own Apple ID. Moreover, iCloud Keychain must be enabled for everyone.

To begin, launch the Find My app, then choose the Items tab. Next, pick the AirTag that you wish to distribute. Once you reach the “Share This AirTag” box, scroll down and choose “Add Person.” If you wish to share the AirTag with someone or people, please add their Apple ID. After finishing, click Share in the upper right corner.

A list of all the people you have invited is visible on the item’s main screen.

The shared AirTag will appear in the Find My app when the invitation is accepted. Additionally, they won’t get any tracking alerts when the AirTag gets close to them.

If the person declines your invitation, their name will be removed from your list.

How to Stop Sharing an AirTag

It is comparable to discontinue sharing an AirTag location. Once more, select the Items tab after opening the Find My app. Select the AirTag and then the recipient of the sharing. Choose “Stop Sharing” twice.

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